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Ashcroft v. Raich, Day 1

"Good luck to Randy Barnett in fighting for drug rights. Our co-blogger Randy Barnett is arguing for the first time before the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday in the marijuana cases, taking the liberal, libertarian pro-drug rights position. We all wish him luck. Not only does Randy have an able and much more experienced adversary arguing the case for the government, but Randy's case will be a difficult case to win..."

Thus begins Jim Lindgren's post to fellow Volokh Conspiracy blogger Randy Barnett on his first day arguing before the United States Supreme Court. (As I noted last week, professor Barnett is arguing for California's right to decriminalize the growth and use of marijuana for medical purposes.)

Don't miss Lindgren's assessment of the government position in Ashcroft v. Raich, and the Court's conundrum. Meanwhile, on Crime & Federalism, Michael Cernovich prays the Court "does not pretend that Congress has the authority to regulate Raich's conduct," but still takes issue with The New York Times' pro-Raich editorial.

What does an attorney do the weekend before he argues his first case before the United States Supreme Court? Let him tell you: Catch professor Barnett's classy act here.

Three years of hell to become the devil

What five things would you change about legal education? That's the question Matt Homann asked five law students in the latest edition of his 5x5 series on the [non]billable hour. Read anonymous law student blogger Ambivalent Imbroglio's answers. Don't miss No. 4, my personal favorite, or the answers that follow from Matt's other interviews, including Anthony Rickey, author of <i>Three Years of Hell to Become the Devil</i>, Jeremy Blachman of Jeremy's Blog, and the unnamed bloggers behind Buffalo Wings and Vodka, and Sugar, Mr. Poon?

Wish list

What is the fatal attraction between cell phones and PDAs? No matter how big your purse or pocket, the two invariably crush into each other and dial somebody. On a new channel devoted to technology, J. Craig Williams says he has the perfect single solution. See May It Please The Court (audio available).

At the watercooler

Why nominate Condoleezza Rice for Sec'y of State when Madonna has so many opinions? J. Craig Williams wants to know, in "Perry Mason for AG and Madonna for Secretary of State" on May It Please The Court.

You can't imagine their picks for #1 song. Volokh Conspiracy blogger Jim Lindgren makes fun of James Lileks' making fun of Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest hits. (To find this bit, surf past Jim's understandable lust for malted ice cream).

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