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Your hourly rate is X. Should it be 3X?

In an interesting follow-up to his post on "The Psychology of Pricing," Matt Homann extracts insight from a survey on book pricing. Here's a hint from The [non]billable hour: "lower prices (rates) don’t necessarily translate into more sales (clients)..."

Got a problem with me? Or just think you do?

Now-outed Federalist Michael Cernovich offers up his insider's description of the movement -- and some recommended reading. An excerpt from Crime & Federalism:

"[U]nlike the left, we Federalists are diverse. I think there are two main types of federalists: the Heritage-Federalists and the CATO-Federalists....Heritage-Federalist[s] are still down with the establishment, the only difference is they prefer smaller units of governments.  Powerful states are fine, a powerful federal government is less desirable.  CATO-Federalists are the anti-establishment wing.  We are as concerned with individual rights as the ACLU.  We differ with the ACLU on many issues, though, because unlike the left, we think that less government leads to greater individual liberty..."

Basketbrawl litigation

Juan Non-Volokh catches us up on the post-Pistons-Pacers legal circus thus far: who appealed, who sued and which famous activist-politician called who. His post, on The Volokh Conspiracy, reveals yet another crack in our civilization: The chair-thrower hasn't yet come forward, but look what's for sale on eBay.

At the watercooler

Logophile 9th Circuit Court Judge Ferdinand F. Fernandez (see here) apparently has some verbal competition on the First Circuit. J. Craig Williams reports on May It Please The Court.

Spin? Spun? Just plain dizzy? Eugene Volokh excerpts a recent CNN appearance by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.). On The Volokh Conspiracy.

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