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Holiday quid pro quo

"With the holidays approaching, we can expect an onslaught of marketing articles reminding us to send our clients and colleagues holiday cards and gifts to keep the flow of work coming," writes Carolyn Elefant on "But sometimes it's nice to say thank you not to get something in return but simply to express gratitude..."  Read more from Elefant on "Saying Thank You Because You Mean It."

Baptists and bootleggers circa 2004

Should you choose to toast this holiday, with clients or without, you may be interested to read what Volokh Conspiracy blogger Todd Zywicki can tell you about the wine in your glass. In the professor's latest installment on the 21st Amendment, he puts the "wine wars" into historic perspective as the Supreme Court prepares to mull the constitutionality of barriers to interstate direct shipments of wine.

Schooling high schools on the First Amendment

Is turning a student out after he won't reverse his gay pride T-shirts okay? Nope -- not based on the 4-1-1 about this Missouri high school's situation, says Eugene Volokh of The Volokh Conspiracy.

Is Word perfect?

Novell is about to say no, reports J. Craig Williams, and he agrees. On May It Please The Court.

Happy Thanksgiving

Legal Blog Watch updates again on Monday, Nov. 29.

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