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Attorneys who embezzle: More than we know?

Carolyn Elefant examines the arrest of former big-firm partner Jamie Perdigao for embezzling as much as $20 million from his law firm.  Over on, she's wondering about his firm's legal exposure --  and whether other firms should be worried, too:

"I wonder whether Perdigao is the exception to the rule who just became so brazen that he got caught -- or whether there are other attorneys at firms, large and small, who steal from clients and their fellow partners albeit in smaller increments.  Love to hear the inside scoop from any readers."

What do you think?


J. Craig Williams raises an eyebrow at a recent $1 billion federal judgment against junk e-mail and offers some practical advice to the bench.

Speaking of spam, The Common Scold tackles the latest urban legend. If you have a cell phone, you really want to read this.

Jetsons-style patent filing for $329

Why go through the minutiae of filing a patent when a machine will do it for you? Talk to Bill Heinze, who writes about a company that has automated the process of preparing and filing a provisional patent application. They'll do it for just $329 (or $529 if they also do the drawings), he reports. While there's some risk to a mechanized app, Heinze says on I/P Updates, there could also be a benefit:
"This type of technology might be an excellent way to get more-detailed invention disclosure documents from inventors so that their attorneys can do better work. And, as every patent attorney knows, when the client is in a pickle, filing a thorough invention disclosure document is often better than not filing at all."

Lies, damn lies and media reports on polls

Do 44 percent of Americans really want to curtail the rights of Muslim Americans? Professor Orin Kerr examines a pollster's math and discovers -- gasp! -- media spin on the story. As J. Craig Williams writes here, I've been doing some thinking about spin lately myself.

New procrastination technique: Write lyrics

Apparently NoDoz works for some people. Juan Non-Volokh reports the exam procrastination techniques of one student he knows, who has 99 problems but civil procedure ain't one.

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