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A phishy business: Protecting against identity theft

Phishermen are the best of the worst Internet criminals -- people who hijack your or your corporation's brand name to victimize consumers online, typically via e-mail. Bill Heinze has a great self-defense guide -- what phishing is, what you need to know to protect yourself and your trademark, and what to do if the bad guys sink the hook.

Cost to Burger King of settling alleged sexual harassment of teens

A million whoppers, more or less, says Mike Fox.

Cost of improper sexual conduct by the Air Force's top lawyer

Another black eye, Mike Fox calculates. He doesn't hazard a financial guess, but writes:

Coming on the heels of the long-running scandal of how sexual assaults were handled at the Air Force Academy ... this is clearly not the Air Force's shining hour.

New York vote to reduce mandatory drug sentencing

...gets a thumbs-up from professor Orin Kerr on The Volokh Conspiracy.

Patents 4-1-1: Breaking news

I/P Updates has important news:

  • Think Bill's beaten media here: New patent fees started yesterday.
  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has improved private PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval)
  • European Patent Org expands to 36 states
  • You can download a free presentation on patent infringement damages.
    • At the watercooler

      • TV lawyers, the next crack in our civilization...

      I love Mark Donald's rant on the new television season, wherein he gnashes his teeth over public perceptions of attorneys for Texas Lawyer:

      I am not asking for Atticus Finch-godliness from fictional characters -- I know a lot of attorneys who are anything but saints. But if "Boston Legal" represents a sea change in the public's acceptance of the image of lawyers as intractably negative, isn't this cause for concern?

      • Whew! I mean, we wouldn't want to invest all that money in the athletes...

      Olympic brand police get cracking on NY 2012, reports Bill Heinze.

      • Basketbrawl

      Ten charged, half of them fans, reports Juan Non-Volokh on The Volokh Conspiracy

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