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"Ring around the jury?"

Once upon a time, a lawyer's colleagues recommended he wear a wedding ring in order to better impress juries. Only he wasn't married. So he asked The New York Times Magazine's ethicist, Randy Cohen, what do you think?

Today, blogger Carolyn Elefant weighs in with some additional, practical questions.

What do you think -- if the litigator wears the ring, is it deceitful or decorative? How about hair dye? Or assuming an accent? Comment here at

When TMI (too much information) is a good thing: Florida v. Nixon

Musing over Monday's 8-0 decision by the Supremes in Florida v. Nixon, Carolyn Elefant says you should document, document, document so it's not your word against the client's. She writes:

"...any time there's a matter requiring client authorization - be it a settlement proposal or a controversial trial strategy, it makes sense to present the options to the client in writing and seek written approval before moving ahead."

How to keep your pilot project aloft

The Common Scold has some recommended reading for law firms, particularly those beginning to embrace "project management" protocols. The case study: On-air Wi-Fi.

Oh, so those Abu Ghraib photographers can relax, then...

If the president signs the bill as expected, taking a photograph of a person's private parts without their consent will become a felony -- depending upon where it's taken, writes Michael Cernovich. The author of Crime & Federalism notes the exceptions, including prison work, here.

At the watercooler

Check out the "Plight of Conservatives in Academia," by professor Orin Kerr. In which "a pseudonymous assistant professor writes about the burdens of being a conservative student and then tenure-track professor." After which the author of Legal Blog Watch has to search out a paper towel to remove a spray of caffeine from her laptop...

Coming Friday: J. Craig Williams unveils a special treat from his fellow Podcaster, Michael Geoghegan, in "MIPTC Goes to the Movies".

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