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State v. Yarbrough: A brother's motion for reconsideration

A 2L Yalie, Chris Muha, is looking for help with a motion for reconsideration in State v. Yarbrough. Earlier this month, the Ohio Supreme Court overturned both a murder conviction and a death sentence for Terrell Yarbrough for the 1999 murders of two college students.

Why? And why is Chris Muha involved? The Volokh Conspiracy's Orin Kerr has the story here.

Meet Judge Wapner

Well, almost. That's how J. Craig Williams says he feels after sitting as judge pro tem in a local court. Check out the four small claims cases he heard and his rulings.

Was justice served? Tell him here on May It Please The Court.

Bl**dy hilarious, your lordship!

Bill Heinze describes how Lord Sainsbury, U.K. Minister for Science & Innovation, outlined Britain's position on the EU Software Directive -- and how, reportedly, laughter from assembled software developers may have sped him back to the drawing board. On I/P Updates.

Boyfriend is a dirt bag

Following up on State of Washington v. Oliver C. Christensen -- as discussed here in "If only Mom would stick to searching my room"-- Michael Cernovich weighs in.

His conclusion:

"Boyfriend is a dirt bag, but the Washington law protects his privacy. If you don't like it, write the legislature: Tell them to change the law.  But don't ask the Washington Supreme Court to reach an activist result."

Don't miss his reader comments. On Crime & Federalism.

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