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If only Mom would stick to searching my room...

Once upon a time, a mother listened in on her daughter's conversation with a boyfriend. When Mom learned Boyfriend had committed a crime, she turned him in -- and testified against him. Then what happened? Hint: Don't assume parents get a pass from federal wiretapping laws if they're acting to protect their children.

Here's the rest of the story as J. Craig Williams sees it on May It Please The Court.

Blakely's future decided today?

How does Blakely v. Washington apply to the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines? The Volokh Conspiracy's resident criminal law geek, Orin Kerr, says he's among the attorneys who are wondering whether the Supremes will hand down their decision today, via United States v. Booker and United States v. Fanfan. More here.

Over at Crime & Federalism, Michael Cernovich notes that crim law blogs have exploded in the past six months and provides a terrific guide.

From one lawyer to another: @*$%!!

I've reached a point where I'd rather go up against an attorneys who let off steam every so often with a stream of profanity but let me know clearly where they stand rather than the attorneys who'll publicly smile and then turn around and stab me in the back.

More Carolyn Elefant at this post, "A lawyer calls for civility." On

Alleging age discrimination on Capitol Hill: How it's different

Check out Mike Fox's first impressions of an age discrimination lawsuit that former employee Rita Bastien brought against Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Co.). Jottings by an Employer's Lawyer raises interesting details about the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 that I never knew. Think employees can sue members directly for violating one of the 11 employment laws wrapped into this act? Think members pay any settlements or fines out of their own budgets? Think again.

Patent freeware

I/P Updates is offering readers a free patent application form "Fee Transmittal for FY 2005" updated with last week's changes. Blogger Bill Heinze says the form's in edit-friendly PDF format, including automatic date entry, fee calculation and tabulation, and a saved file name footer for ease of use.

Note: Don't miss his red ink.

Exam horror stories

Here. You'll either thank Michael Cernovich for feeling your pain -- or thank heaven you're no longer in his shoes. (Read the great comments.)

At the watercooler

VC Blogger Jim Lindgren's got your pop culture 4-1-1 right here. Apparently Saturday Night Live's not waiting around to see whether Fox News performs its own internal investigation into employee Bill O'Reilly's alleged sexual harassment of a young female producer. Over at CBS, the question is whether to release a full report of an internal investigation into Rathergate.

The Common Scold on David Wells -- and his book.

Whither the Fourth Amendment: The curious tale of John Perry Barlow and his strip-search. (Hat-tip: Ernie the Attorney.)

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