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Scarier than Manhattan rents

Think Manhattan rents are scary? Even more frightening is this woman's story of renting an apartment in New York, as relayed by J. Craig Williams on May It Please The Court.


Change your Outlook

The easiest marketing technology for your firm -- and yourself -- is right at the tip of your fingers, writes Monica Bay. So join the minority and use it. On The Common Scold.

EDD: Danger, Will Robinson!

The dangers of electronic data discovery (EDD), including the proposed 9th Circuit rule, courtesy of J. Craig Williams' Tech Channel.

Everything you (and your IP clients) need to know about inventing


One of seven, courtesy of Bill Heinze's "TGIF for the Seven Deadly Sins (of invention, that is)."

On I/P Updates.

At the watercooler

Warning: Reading Todd Zywicki's post, "Best Country Single of the Year," may cause permanent damage.

Nikki Finke's "free legal advice to the $700-an-hour schmucks screwing up the
Disney courtroom drama
," as described by John Ghazvinian. He edits Mediabistro's daily media news feed.

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