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Ashcroft v. Raich transcript now online

Courtesy of Blogger Randy Barnett, who does just a little Monday afternoon quarterbacking of his performance. Here on The Volokh Conspiracy.

Supremes and CERCLA

J. Craig Williams says the Supremes have rocked his world with today's decision in Cooper Industries v. Aviall Services. Read May It Please The Court for what he thinks this means for companies that planned to volunteer to clean up their land -- and sue former owners to share the costs. Here's's story, too.

Religion on the job

Jottings by an Employer's Lawyer on worship, work and how the two can collide:

Workplace Fairness has a primer on religious discrimination here, behind their disclaimer.

Lani Guinier: "Nannygate" or "Quota queen"?

Today's pop-quiz: Do you remember why President Clinton abandoned Lani Guinier's nomination. Hint: Those who guess "nannygate" will earn severe punishment via public ridicule -- especially if they're a major news network.

To wit: Eugene Volokh points to a post that excoriates today's rash of media reports that Guinier's child care history scuttled her federal job. The Volokh Conspiracy blogfather wants your help either to correct media reports or to correct the blogger:

"I express no views on whether Guinier's work was in fact misrepresented; but the rest of the item seems quite right to me. Unless there's something about the Guinier story that I had also missed -- and if there is, please let me know so that I can correct the post -- this seems like a nontrivial error by the media. They're not just wrong here, but they're wrong in a way that falsely accuses someone of violating the law. That doesn't speak well of their trustworthiness in other fields."

$$$tratospheric rates and "stealth pro bono"

Following up on recent discussions about low hourly rates, Carolyn Elefant weighs in on the other end of the scale. "Can an hourly rate ever be excessive?" she asks.

Probably not if you're a solo and doing as much "stealth pro bono" as's author surmises.

CRM for lawyers

"Gobble, gobble," says Monica Bay, in a long post on Lexis-Nexis' acquisition of Interface and its customer relationship management software. Her headline's a nod to Wolters Kluwers' recent acquisition of Summation Legal Technologies.

Bay says, "use of CRM software  is pretty much a litmus test as to the firms that are moving to a "corporate" model of operation, from the traditional "eat what you kill" mode of operation..." What do you think? Tell The Common Scold.

At the watercooler

Um, does any state have a law against public kissing? Via The Volokh Conspiracy.

Scott Peterson verdict: death.

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