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Tort reform: Are conservatives hypocri-, er, fair-weather federalists?

Professor Orin Kerr has a question for you on The Volokh Conspiracy:

"Are conservatives hypocritical for favoring federal tort reform? After all, conservatives are usually in favor of limited federal government. When it comes to tort reform, however, many conservatives sing a different tune..."

Professor Eugene Volokh weighs in with a lengthy answer here -- as do a growing gaggle of folks at the bottom of this post.


Get smarter -- new surveys on pricing, and workers' comp

Mike Fox writes of his disappointment in a new study on disparities in compensating African Americans for back injuries on the job. He notes, "One of the researchers noted that there had been some expectation of differences, but not the contrast that was found..."

Read the MIT Sloan School study that lead to this conclusion by Matt Homann: "What should we take away from this study?  Remember, it is not always about price.  It is about trust, competence and convenience."

At the watercooler

Slow Friday? Nap more soundly by lowering your blood pressure with this.

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