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San Francisco's sweeping suggestion: Ban guns

Blogfather Eugene Volokh raises an interesting point about the sweeping gun ban San Francisco supervisors proposed today.

Here's the scoop: The Associated Press reports that San Francisco supervisors, no strangers to controversy, have voted to put a gun ban on the 2005 municipal ballot. The proposal would:

  • Prohibit almost everyone except police, security guards and military from possessing firearms in the city.
  • Bar residents from keeping guns in homes or businesses.
  • Prohibit the selling, manufacturing and distributing of handguns and ammunition.

Noting that San Francisco's foray is the latest in a series of gun control restrictions around the nation, professor Eugene Volokh indicates he can understand why gun rights advocates find it hard to believe "no-one is trying to take people's guns." He notes,

"I take it that abortion rights activists in California wouldn't be persuaded by anti-abortion activists' arguments that "Oh, don't worry, we won't ban abortions in California, since obviously we wouldn't have the votes; we're just trying to ban them in Texas." Presumably the abortion rights activists would say that they care about what they see as the fundamental rights of people all over the country. Likewise, I would think, with gun rights activists."

What do you think -- common ground?

The end of lawyer jokes

This latest post from Michael Cernovich renders them unnecessary, in my opinion. We can just read the headlines about the rule of law instead...

Honey, you might have to hide that Wolverine costume...

First fan sites, now massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs): Marvel Comics is suing over the game "City of Heroes." Joystiq gives kudos to Fred von Lohmann's piece, "Et tu, Marvel?" in which von Lohmann warns:

”...If the court accepts Marvel’s notion that playing Wolverine or the Incredible Hulk online is unlawful, you can expect a chill to spread through all the MMO universes. Rights holders will begin insisting that MMO operators police their games for unauthorized elements -- robots that look too much like C3PO, uniforms that look too much like Captain Kirk’s, haircuts that mimic Bart Simpson’s, in-game face paint that evokes KISS, or blonde vampire slayers named Buffy.”

The burden of production

...for an employer under McDonnell Douglas v. Green may be light, but it's still real, warns Mike Fox. Here's his cautionary tale of how a prima facie case remained intact. On Jottings by an Employer's Lawyer.

At the watercooler

Burning question #476-a: Does that little plastic divider piece go in the front or in the back? TGIF, says Bill Heinze.

Yes, Herb Caen would freak: The Common Scold likes an alternative Internet radio program, but wonders about its name...

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