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Now that he's noted the dearth of presidential pardons for federal crimes issued by George W. Bush, professor Orin Kerr is getting an earful from Volokh Conspiracy readers. The good professor opened the discussion by writing,

"...[I]t's the president's job to do the right thing regardless of what the pollsters say. There are currently 150,000 people in federal prisons, with another 50,000 or so on probation. Could it be that none of them deserve presidential pardons?"

The response? Oh please -- from many quarters. Reader Greedy Clerk comments,

"That has to be a joke, right? This is from the president who has asserted that he has the right to detain U.S. citizens on U.S. soil indefinitely and with NO PROCESS WHATSOEVER..."

C'mon, writes Jeff the Baptist, "Bush honestly has had better things to do."

Reader Toqueville has a candidate: Former world chess champion Bobby Fischer.

Don't miss the rest of the comments, here.

Posted by Laurel Newby on December 22, 2004 at 01:54 PM | Permalink | TrackBack (0)


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