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Great books

Just in time for a New Year's weekend off, the blogosphere's rife with opinion over new and not-so-new books and movies. Todd Zywicki fell so in love with Tom Wolfe's latest novel that he dang near missed the beauty of St. Lucia. And, as I mentioned yesterday, The Common Scold has a long list of favorites in her blog's right-hand margin.

Reel torture and salvation

Honeymooner David Bernstein was not so lucky, however: Trapped on multiple planes in a whirlwind tour of Hawaii, Guam, Australia and Tokyo, he suffered through some, er, reel torture. The worst of the worst, in his opinion? "Collateral." Which may be why Mike Geoghegan, May It Please The Court's guest-blogger, reached for the archives to review "It's A Wonderful Life."

Gasp! Actual work-related reading

Mike Fox has this story of a state worker who's suing because she's forced to read books all day long. Not really -- it's one detail of her allegation that she was relegated to the back office after complaining about having to attend a governor's prayer breakfast.

Bill Heinze recommends "Prisoners' Inventions," a fascinating read on IP and creativity behind bars.

Orin Kerr is enthusiastic about Larry Lessig's plans to use a wiki to update one of his books.

Meanwhile, blogfather Eugene Volokh is busy castigating his own writing. The only advice I can offer is the book I turn to in my own desperate writing times: here.

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