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Privacy, the Patriot Act and your library habits

Orin Kerr is skeptical about a recent story on how the Patriot Act is being used. He writes,

"Over at PrawfsBlawg, my friend Daniel Solove responds to a New York Times story about an American Libary Association press release claiming that state and federal law enforcement have made over 200 requests for information at libraries since 2001. There is no indication that any of the requests were related to the Patriot Act; no indication of what kind of information investigators sought or why; and no indication of whether this number is higher or lower than pre-2001 contact rates. Nonetheless, the ALA is claiming that this shows the DOJ is lying to the Amercian people that it isn't conducting surveillance at libraries..."

Find out here what Kerr thinks and why.

Speaking of your privacy, J. Craig Williams reports that the Ninth Circuit has invalidated portions of the California Financial Information Privacy Act.

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