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MacEwen: Don't treat partners like MBAs -- there's real money at stake

Bruce MacEwen reports on two new entries to the executive education field for lawyer -- Wilmer Cutler, in conjunction with Harvard Business School, and Chicago's Seyfarth Shaw, with Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management -- and offers some advice from the corner office:

"[N]ot only do these executive education initiatives have their emotional and behavioral work cut out for them, they cannot apply the MBA template to law firm leaders:  "What works for GE will not work for law firms," since the art of "managing" a group of high-performing, verbal and analytic overachievers whose career success may have been largely built on standing out from the crowd, bears no resemblance whatsoever to employer/employee relations.

"Finally, real money is at stake.  Not only does week-long immersion in executive education supplant otherwise-billable time, but the cost of the curriculum itself can be tens of thousands of dollars for a handful of partners."

More here.

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