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On Hurricane Rita: Right to make much ado about nothing?

Over the weekend, Monica Bay posted e-mails from two Texas attorneys. In the first, "Houston, We Have a Problem," Foley and Lardner's Doug Caddell describes his pre-storm journey to purchase a generator and other supplies for his home near Conroe, Texas. In the second, "Good News from Texas," Craig Ball, who lives about 75 minutes northwest of Houston, describes a blessedly un-Armageddon-like aftermath for his family:

"Some 600,000 in the area are without power as I write this, but will likely get that back this weekend. Gas stations and all Wal-Marts are either closed or stripped bare, so it will take a few days for things to return to normal around the Houston metro area. Hopefully, we can do a better job bringing people back to town than getting them out, but I, for one, am going to stay off of I-45 south and away from downtown Houston for a few days. As I write this at noon on Saturday, the wind and rain have passed and all the effort seems to have been much ado about nothing. But, it was the right thing to do and I'm proud of the community for doing it as well as they did."

On the contrary, much ado about public safety is one of the few things government officials should do and do well, writes Mike Cernovich, pointing to Hurricane Katrina as proof. That's why, in his opinion, voters should hold themselves responsible for electing the right people:

"I'm not sure whether hurricane Katrina taught us that federal, state, and local officials are necessarily incompetent; or whether only the current elected-officials could have guest-starred in "F Troop."  There is certainly enough blame for every level of government to bear.  But putting aside the obvious incompetence of our current officials, Katrina has a broad lesson in democracy.  Your vote has consequences.  The wrong vote could kill you ..."

What do you think?

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