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Blawggers on the Times: BigLaw has less to worry about than legal research

A recent New York Times article suggests that law firms should worry about corporations outsourcing legal research. "Is this right?" asks Ron Friedmann. Not quite, he says:  "To my knowledge, the threat did not materialize -- I see no evidence of significant BigLaw revenue loss. And observing LRN over the years, I’ve noticed an apparent shift from research to compliance, which may say something about outsourced legal research as a business. I think the real development is offshore legal research. (See, for example, the list of outsourced legal services that I co-maintain with the excited utterances blog.) ..." More here.

Rees Morrison agrees and elaborates: "An article, NY Times, Jan. 13, 2006, mentioned one method for law departments to spend less: hire an outside service provider for legal research. Specifically, the article referred to LRN, and quoted Peter Kreindler, general counsel at Honeywell who "thought the company's spending on legal services had fallen by at least 25 percent as a result of using LRN." Caution! Kreindler must have meant that Honeywell's spending on legal research enjoyed that drop, not all its spending on law firms and other law-related vendors."

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