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How to tell when your GC needs a time-out

One good sign would be when said general counsel recommends "hiring a junior lawyer to 'oversee' litigation," writes The Wired GC in response to this post by blawgger Patrick Lamb. WGC continues, "The facts almost drive the proper result here. If a company is really doing this, the GC needs to take a time-out. You can put a junior lawyer on a case, but if it's just 'overseeing it' without substantive responsibilities, it's a loser's game. Many large companies in the late 80's and through the 90's (the go-go days of corporate legal departments for those who lived through it) tried to bring almost all legal work inside, including litigation. This was akin to empire-building, virtually all of these experiments failed, and most of the GCs involved are now doing something else. Perhaps this very work on the outside?"

So this is all good for outside counsel, right? Not entirely."

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