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ISO Lawyers: Japan Bar Required

It's hard to imagine anyone wishing for more lawyers. But apparently, that's what is happening in Japan, which has set a goal to add more lawyers (Chicago Sun Times 8/21/06). According to the article,  Japan has roughly 22,000 lawyers -- one for every 5,790 people, compared with one for every 268 in the United States. Under the old bar exam, to be scrapped in 2011, fewer than 1,500 people (roughly 3 percent of all takers) are allowed to pass every year. But that will be changing soon. From the article:

In the most sweeping reform of Japan's legal system since World War II, the doors are opening wide for a flood of new lawyers to handle cases in an increasingly litigious society.Experts say the reforms underscore a big shift in social attitudes that is forcing Japan to change its policy of keeping the number of lawyers low.''People are beginning to take more and more of their troubles to court,'' said Hideaki Kubori, a corporate lawyer. ...

Economic necessity is the driving force behind the push for more lawyers. Kubori noted that filings for personal bankruptcy have jumped more than fivefold over 10 years. Inheritance and divorce disputes are also going to court.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on August 21, 2006 at 05:23 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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