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A Tale of Two Lawyer Moms

The past few days of news brought an interesting juxtaposition of two highly accomplished lawyer moms. The first is Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic candidate Barack Obama and an Ivy League educated, former Am Law 100 attorney (she was later hired as a VP at University of Chicago Hospital) in her own right. But according to this profile from the Washington Post (5/1//07), Michelle Obama has decided to wrap up her legal practice, at least for now to support her husband's run for the presidency and ensure time for her children. Like many attorneys, Michelle Obama has long struggled with tension between work and family. In the article, she's quoted as saying:

Every other month [since] I've had children I've struggled with the notion of 'Am I being a good parent? Can I stay home? Should I stay home? How do I balance it all?' " she said. "I have gone back and forth every year about whether I should work."

The second article is by Wendy Hufford, an in-house counsel and mom to eight kids, who authored this Mothers' Day column, entitled, Commentary: Relocating -- With Eight Kids -- for Dream In-House Job (5/14/07). Apparently, Hufford has found that work-life balance that eluded even someone like Michelle Obama: Hufford managed to seamlessly pack up her house and move a family of 10 from the East Coast to Ohio to accept a "dream job" as chief litigation counsel of Cardinal Health in Dublin, Ohio. Even better, Hufford's husband's firm allowed him to telecommute to his position.

While I admire and even envy Hufford (and who wouldn't?), I simply can't relate to her experience. Most days, I feel much more like Michelle Obama, constantly struggling over how to make it all work. What about you?

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on May 14, 2007 at 05:20 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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