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Case Continues for Alleged Lawyer Impersonator

Remember lawyer-impersonator Misty Giblin? She is the Illinois woman we told you about in June who was arrested in Joliet for allegedly trying to dupe a neighboring couple into believing she was a lawyer. Pretending to be a lawyer concentrating in divorce and family law, prosecutors claim, she offered the couple the opportunity to adopt a child who would be taken away from an unfit mother.

The couple first grew suspicious of Giblin when she would not let them keep copies of the adoption papers she had them sign. Their suspicions grew deeper when Giblin asked them for money orders in the amounts of $70, $40 and $5. Eventually, a friend pointed them to the Web site of the Illinois Department of Corrections, where they learned that Giblin was paroled from prison in 2006 where she had been serving a three-year sentence for theft and passing bad checks.

Since leaving off there, we heard nothing further about Giblin's prosecution for impersonating a lawyer until last week, when a comment to our original post said that she was due in court on Dec. 23. We checked in with prosecutors at the Will County State's Attorney's Office in Joliet and heard back from the office's director of public affairs, Charles B. Pelkie. He confirmed that Giblin -- who is being prosecuted under another name, Misty Paganessi -- was scheduled for a pretrial hearing on Dec. 23. As happens with such hearings, however, it was continued to Feb. 4.

Meanwhile, if the string of comments to our original post are to be believed, Giblin/Paganessi has been involved in other scams and had other names. A little Googling finds news reports that Paganessi had a forgery charge dropped in 2003 but was found guilty the same year of theft by deception and deception with a bad check and given dual sentences of two years imprisonment. A year earlier, she was found guilty of deception with a bad check and given two years probation. She is also listed as an Illinois coordinator for the parents' rights organization AKidsRight.Org. We'll check back in February to see what comes of the strange case of this alleged lawyer impersonator.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on December 29, 2008 at 12:24 PM | Permalink | Comments (89)


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