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The Things Lawyers Do to Get Disbarred

I am an unabashed fan of Legal Profession Blog for its never-ceases-to-amaze chronicles of lawyer discipline from around the country. It's not that I take some perverse joy in seeing lawyers get disciplined -- I don't. It is just that I find so many of the stories of what led to the discipline to be right out of the legal-affairs edition of "Believe it or Not." I mean, aren't lawyers supposed to be smart? Consider these two recent examples:

Drunk drag racing results in death, bar resignation. This Oklahoma lawyer resigned from the bar after his foolish prank ended up killing his law partner. Here is an excerpt from the Oklahoma Supreme Court opinion accepting the resignation: "The charges in Tulsa County District Court Case No. CF-2008-1108, stemmed from occurrences on December 22, 2007, when Respondent was drag racing another vehicle on a public road while under the influence of alcohol. The Information in the criminal case sets out that the driver of the other vehicle swerved into Respondent's lane, Respondent lost control of his vehicle and it struck a third vehicle. As a result of the collision a passenger in Respondent's car was killed and two other people were injured."

Disbarment for bank robbery. This was no sophisticated bank fraud, but a good old-fashioned robbery: "On March 27, 2007, respondent entered the bank and requested to open a new account and rent a safety deposit box. After respondent waited a few moments for assistance, a bank employee took him into the vault to see the safety deposit boxes. Once in the vault, respondent revealed a handgun in a holster under his suit jacket and ordered the employee to open the bank’s safe. He then removed the currency from the safe and fled the bank." In ordering the lawyer's permanent disbarment, the Louisiana Supreme Court noted that the lawyer had confessed to committing "a string of bank robberies."

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on April 20, 2009 at 10:47 AM | Permalink | Comments (3)


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