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60 Quick Bits of Wisdom From Brian Tannebaum

Blt july 2004 1crop Miami criminal defense attorney Brian Tannebaum (who was one of the Three Angry Lawyers who joined me back in February in this video) has a great post today on his My Law License blog reflecting on 15 years in the practice of law.

What has he learned over those 15 years? Brian offers up 60 pieces of hard-earned wisdom and advice in his post. Here are my 10 favorites:

[2] You can make money as a criminal defense lawyer. You can make money doing anything you love. What matters is that you do it well, and that your clients see your commitment to your chosen practice area. There are criminal defense lawyers, and lawyers who take criminal cases. The difference is immense.

[3] One word of mouth referral is worth a year in the yellow pages, in-your-face Facebook Ads, and mailers to homes of those arrested.

[16] If you burn a bridge, make sure you burn it to the point that it is unrecognizable, otherwise, expect it to come back to bite you. It will.

[17] Some people don't matter. Never treat them like they don't matter.

[27] If you have a bad feeling about taking a case, don't.

[31] If you want to be a lawyer that makes good money, gets good clients, and does great work, then dress like you are a lawyer that makes good money, gets good clients, and does great work.

[45] As Larry Pozner, Past President of NACDL said once -- you make your worst decisions when business is slow.

[46] When business is slow, get the hell out of the office.

[48] Never object to a continuance for a family issue, or a vacation. Never.

[55] Lawyers who brag they "don't go on vacations," are miserable human beings that I never want to deal with on any level.

Read all 60 of Brian Tannebaum's lessons learned here.

Posted by Bruce Carton on April 29, 2010 at 02:16 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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