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Bank Robber Invests in Success (Temporary Success, at Least)

Duct_tape_bandit In my Updated Legal Blog Watch Checklist for Bank Robbers, I emphasized that would-be robbers needed to "Invest in Success" when it came to their disguises. After all, I argued, "you are investing a lot of time and effort in this bank robbery. Spend the $5 at Target to get yourself a ski mask or something, and do this right." A clear plastic bag over your head does not cut it, I wrote, nor does wrapping your head in duct tape.

I'm pleased to see that at least someone out there is paying attention. Yesterday it was reported in (via Legal Juice) that police had put out an appeal for information on a prolific bank robber repeatedly described to be African American. The appeal came after a tip alerted police to the fact that the robber was actually white, but had been wearing a high-end, "Hollywood quality" silicon mask called "The Player." Lieutenant Michael Mathis admitted that "police were completely taken in by the mask and said he had never seen anything like it." The Player mask reportedly costs approximately $700.

Check it out below. Now that's what I call investing in success in your robberies, even if it is short-lived!


Posted by Bruce Carton on April 27, 2010 at 12:55 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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