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Georgia Lawmakers Want to Protect You From 'They'

As a former resident of Georgia, I'm comforted to know that any taxes I paid into that state's government have long since been wasted.

But current residents are footing the bill for legislators to engage in serious hearings on a bill to amend the state's battery statute to explicitly criminalize the nonconsensual implantation of a microchip in a person's body. Lowering the Bar has the details.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Ed Setzler (who, I must say, looks like a prime target for some form of forced bodily intrusion), admitted that he was unaware of any instance where such an involuntary implantation had been accomplished, but, hey, the bill is "proactive."

Read the post in its entirety, but pay particular attention to the excerpts of the testimony given by "a hefty woman who described herself as a resident of DeKalb County." She, as a purported victim of implantation, really wants to save others from the indignity of the procedure, which she likens to having a "beeper" lodged in one's "rectum or genital area."

Yeah, that sounds bad.  Thanks, Georgia House. Crazy people statewide owe you a drink.

Posted by Eric Lipman on April 22, 2010 at 01:49 PM | Permalink | Comments (3)


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