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Hopes of Legal Employment Dashed, Kansas Law Student Declares for NBA Draft

Thousands of law students faced with the legal profession's anemic hiring situation now face difficult decisions:

  • Keep applying for legal jobs?
  • Go work for $22/hour (or less) as a contract lawyer?
  • Start a blawg and join the ranks of the Scambloggers who seek to save future prospective law students from their plight?
  • Sell their law degree on Craigslist?
  • Take the job at Starbucks?

Capt_nba_draft_k0g1_ye5w Tough and painful decisions, no doubt. A Kansaslaw student, however, has weighed his options and taken a different route. This week in the The Kansas Law Free Press, Ryan McAteer, "Former J.D. Candidate 2011, University of Kansas School of Law" announced that he has decided to declare his eligibility for the 2010 NBA Draft this June.

McAteer says that this year "has been particularly rough, especially considering my early exit from the Moot Court Competition and career-low statistics in both Secured Transactions and Business Associations II." However, he says, "with little or no hope for an externship and a 0% success rate with OCI, the NBA draft is my next best alternative."

Does McAteer have any basketball skills? Well, no, not at all. But he says he did regularly sit just "a few feet away from [Kansas hoop star] Cole Aldrich in the Burge and often held the door for Sherron Collins while exiting the bookstore."

Bottom line? McAteer says that he has concluded that there is "a higher likelihood of me playing in the NBA than finding gainful legal employment." Oooof.

Posted by Bruce Carton on April 15, 2010 at 11:45 AM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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