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Meet the Popcorn Lung Lawyer

Last month, we brought you the story about the expert witness who "appealed" a federal district court decision in which the judge found that his opinion on the plaintiff's "popcorn lung" medical condition was, essentially, hogwash.

This was, I must admit, the first I had heard of "popcorn lung." And I'm sure that many of you readers, like me, read that post and thought,"Who are the attorneys bringing these cases, and how did they find this fascinating niche?"

Wonder no more. The Lawyers and Settlements blog yesterday profiled "Popcorn Lung Lawyer" Ken McClain. Yes, his firm's website lives at The post is brief, but manages to do an excellent job painting McClain as a crusading hero.

It reveals that McClain's firm, which he estimates represents 99 percent of popcorn lung plaintiffs nationwide, recently got a $30 million jury verdict on behalf of one such unfortunate soul. Granted, this plaintiff was no mere home movie buff, but a worker in a popcorn factory.

Your average poppers, though, are increasingly developing the disease (technically known as bronchiolitis obliterans), McClain warns:

“Consumers are getting sick too,” says McClain. “We have five consumer cases currently—generally popping more microwave popcorn than a person might want to.

“People should not breathe fumes from the bag, but that's exactly what the buttery flavor and smell is designed to make you do. In fact, the Orville Redenbacher advertisements show kids doing exactly that!”

Dragging Redenbacher's good name through the mud -- that's low, Ken.

If you want to learn more about popcorn lung, play around on the firm's website. And if you're gonna settle back on the couch to watch some of McClain's videos, I'd suggest maybe a box of Goobers, or some Sour Patch Kids.

Posted by Eric Lipman on September 15, 2010 at 11:17 AM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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