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'.Law,' '.Blog' and Related Top-Level Domain Names Coming Soon ... Plus '.Lat'?

The expansion of Internet domain names took a step forward today as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers disclosed a list of all of the 1,930 applications received for new top-level domains. Within a year, top-level domains will no longer be limited to the .com and .net addresses that are now commonplace, but may be almost any generic top-level domain that applicants want (.bruce, .house, .click, etc.), provided it is approved.

ARS Technica reports that the list of new desired TLDs was released at an event in London today, at which ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom stated that "the Internet is about to change forever." If just 75 percent of the applications are approved, Beckstrom said, as many as a thousand new gTLDs could be approved.

Some of the applications for gTLDs were clearly law-related or blog-related, including:

  • .attorney
  • .blog (requested by nine applicants)
  • .corp (requested by six applicants)
  • .gmbh (requested by four applicants)
  • .inc (requested by 11 applicants)
  • .law (requested by five applicants)
  • .lawyer (requested by two applicants)
  • .legal (requested by two applicants)
  • .llc (requested by nine applicants)
  • .llp (requested by four applicants)
  • .ltd (requested by seven applicants)

Many brand and corporate name requests appear in the applications (e.g., .chrysler, .cialis, .statefarm, .nfl) but I did not see any law firm requests for .skadden or the like in my quick search of the 1,930 gTLDs.

There were the obligatory applications for .sex and .porn, and of course a request for .sucks so that everyone in the world will need to protect their name from being ".suck-squatted." Finally, one person who may need to be particularly on alert today is Above the Law's David Lat, as .lat is curiously on the list of applications. Heads up, David!

Posted by Bruce Carton on June 13, 2012 at 04:31 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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