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'Thou Shalt Not ...' Join our Health Club, Skinny

Welcome back to the latest in LBW's "Thou Shalt Not ..." series. As you may recall, this series seeks to properly memorialize the growing number of instances I see where a corporation rolls out its "death penalty" punishment on a customer: "You can never come here [buy here] [eat here] again!!" 

The latest installment in this series:

Thou shalt not join our health club/yoga studio because you are too damn skinny.

You work out. You're in good shape. Now a new gym is opening down the street from your house, and you think you'll join it. Not so fast, skinny!

The New York Daily News reports that several gyms and yoga studios now have policies that limit their clientele to "plus-size" people. In other words, skinny people need not apply. Body Exchange in Vancouver is one such gym with a "strict policy" that only allows plus-size women to join. CEO Louise Green says the gym views itself as a "safe haven" for overweight people, offering them "camaraderie."

Downsize Fitness, a chain of gyms, is also targeted and designed for people who have at least 50 pounds to lose. Although the gym doesn't formally ban anyone from joining, it does make its "50-plus" preference quite clear, along with the message that most people who join are doing so for that reason. Buddha Body Yoga is also specifically geared toward larger-size people, although it, too, has stopped short of putting a concrete "ban" in place.

I can understand the concept of banning/discouraging skinny people, but let me ask this: Given that the point of these gyms is presumably to go from being a plus-size person to a fit/skinny person, what happens if a plus-size client actually achieves skinniness? Are they promptly kicked out for being too skinny?

Posted by Bruce Carton on June 22, 2012 at 03:38 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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