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'Top-Level Domain Names That Should Exist, But Never Will'

As discussed here on Wednesday, this week the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers disclosed a list of all of the 1,930 applications received for new top-level domains. The list includes many law-related names, such as .attorney, .esq, .inc, and .law. If you have not been following this development, it means that someday your website address could be "" and your email could be "". And so on.

After looking through the thousands of applications, the Threat Level blog observed Thursday that the list is a bit lacking in "entertainment value -- perhaps because the $185,000 fee to apply for consideration, which you pay even if your application is rejected, is prohibitive of amusement." To remedy that situation, Threat Level compiled a list of "20 New Top-Level Domain Names That Should Exist, But Never Will." Some of my favorites from their list (including their explanation and the name of the person who thought of it) include:

  • .inbed – As the old fortune cookie joke goes, everything sounds better with .inbed in the end. cuddlybear.inbed, miketyson.inbed (Noah Shachtman)
  • .wtf? – Need we say more? (Shoshana Berger)
  • .not – Simple but effective, for the contrarian in all of us. iloveyou.not, gododgers.not (Ken Denmead, Robert McMillan)
  • .dtf – For personal dating sites catering to those who aren’t choosy. If you don't know the acronym, you probably don't want to. (O'Toole)
  • .www – Not too many sites bother with the web prefix these days (especially since the web be dead), so this would take you back to the basics. Think www.geocities.www

The Threat Level list, of course, has me thinking of other missed opportunities. To their list I would add:

  • .bro – For all of the hipsters and teenagers. For example, Bryce Harper might want www.thatsaclownquestion.bro
  • .matrix - You can't get any more old-school then "dot matrix."
  • .rip – this is on the list already, but I just want to be sure it gets put to its most lucrative use. As Billy Blazejowski says in Night Shift, "People got to die, right? Why can't they just die for us?" Think about the evil possibilities here for people willing to troll the obituary pages. 

What else? Let me know what I'm missing in the comments.

Posted by Bruce Carton on June 15, 2012 at 04:26 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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