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Paying for your dreams

What if your law school debt payments were frozen at 10 percent of your income, regardless of how much you made? Would this approach free you up to pursue a lower-paying career in legal aid or solo practice? Or would it subsidize second-rate students who couldn't get jobs with big firms? Carolyn Elefant invites you to weigh in here. On

Ashcroft v. Raich, End of Day 1

By the end of Day 1, The Volokh Conspiracy's David Bernstein hoped NPR's Nina Totenberg (just this once) got her story wrong:

She ended her segment by suggesting that "by the end of the argument, it wasn't clear that Barnett had even one vote for his position," or words to that effect. Solum's transcript of the argument suggests otherwise, and I think that Randy did a great job.

Jim Lindgren excerpts proof that VC co-blogger Randy Barnett was indeed on his toes, as he argued for state rights to authorize the noncommercial use, growth and distribution of marijuana. Here's a teaser from his discussion with Justice Souter:

Barnett: The premise is that it is possible to differentiate economic activity from personal activity. Prostitution is economic activity, and there may be some cross-substitution effects between prostitution and sex within marriage, but that does not make sex within marriage economic activity. You look at the nature of the activity to determine whether or not it is economic.

As for Barnett, he weighed in at day's end with irrefutable proof that Totenberg wore red.

How to get sued

Play golf. From J. Craig Williams' new channel at May It Please The Court.

At the watercooler

Juan Non-Volokh has a basketbrawl update: Sounds like prosecutors will file criminal charges against a few Indiana Pacers and the fan who threw a chair as part of a Nov. 19 melee.

What's in a name? David Bernstein's latest last word on how he defines "Likudnik." Don't miss his links to The Volokh Conspiracy's ongoing discussion of the term.

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