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What's a fair rate for court-appointed counsel?

Probably not enough to hang your shingle on! That's Carolyn Elefant's advice to solo and small-firm attorneys who try to make a living exclusively on low-paying court-appointed work. Elefant does the math on your cost-o-shingle, from a two-week vacation to bar association fees and the caveat that you'd better be married to someone who can cover your health insurance, too. (Note: Worthy comments follow on

After Raich

Since United States v. Morrison, there have been many federalism defeats, and only four federalism victories.  If the Court chooses to reverse the 9th Circuit's decision in Raich, then McCoy (CA9), Stewart (CA9) and Maxwell (CA11) will certainly be reversed...

Read more of Michael Cernovich's view of a post-Raich world, with an emphasis on these cases. (In case you missed it, here's where Ashcroft v. Raich stood at the end of Day 1, according to bloggers.)

All wet

Once upon a time, Santa Barbara County rezoned some farmland as wetlands. Then, one day, a jury found the county's actions had violated the farmers' rights with "malice, oppression or fraud." How big was the county's biggest ever land-use judgment? Read the end of J. Craig Williams' story here (plus audio) on May It Please The Court.

Desperately seeking accuracy in media reports on the law

Volokh Conspiracy blogfather Eugene Volokh continues his quest for accuracy in media reports on the law. As you'll see, a recent Associated Press story on Americans' opinions about appointing Supreme Court justices who support Roe v. Wade fails his test -- as do the poll takers themselves. It's an excellent and important follow-up to his earlier comments on mangled media accounts of cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

At the watercooler

I wonder what they sing to the tune of "Achy Breaky Heart"? David Kopel of The Volokh Conspiracy shows us what would happen if, as he puts it, The Weekly Standard were turned into country music songs.

Dean or deacon? Orin Kerr links an essay by a leading criminal law scholar on similarities between secular and spiritual thinkers.

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