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UPDATE: Day 1, Ashcroft v. Raich

An update on medical marijuana's first day in the U.S. Supreme Court, where Volokh Conspiracy blogger Randy Barnett is arguing for state rights to control private possession and growth of marijuana, and acting Solicitor General Paul Clement is arguing for the feds:

•Eugene Volokh links to a detailed report on the oral argument.

•Eugene Volokh on his trouble with press accounts of Scotus arguments.

•Jim Lindgren links an early account of oral arguments. "It sounds tough."

•Eugene Volokh knows where Angel Raich can score

•Michael Cernovich says examining first principals shows "how wrong the government is in Raich."

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How's my driving, boss? Call 1-800-I'M-ARMED

As of Nov. 1, Oklahoma gun laws that allow concealed weapons in locked vehicles are supposed to override employer rules against guns on the premises. The only obstacle is a recent federal restraining order, issued in response to a lawsuit by Whirlpool, Williams Co. and Phillips 66, among others, reports Mike Fox. Get the full update, as well as the Sooner state's definition of gun control and Fox's opinion as a Texan.

Insourcing from India

No, I don't mean outsourcing. Carolyn Elefant recommends taking a close look at India's Kharar Bar Association and its innovative approach to supporting solo practitioners, from libraries to loans. On

The sound of lawyerly wrists being slapped

Jottings by an Employer's Lawyer offers up two pieces of collegial advice based on recent cringeworthy comments from the 1st Circuit bench. From Mike Fox:

Rule 1: If you're a city solicitor, don't engage in post-settlement conduct for 15 years that the Court will call "both outrageous and reprehensible."

Rule 2: Don't write employment contracts the Court can excoriate, as in "this employment contract is a badly written agreement." (Bonus cringe: Don't miss the last paragraph.)

Calling child custody specialists

Eugene Volokh might want to interview you for an article he's writing. Here's what he's up to.

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