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Military justice and Lawrence v. Texas

"In the military order must come first. Order is the highest military virtue, not because order is good in itself, but because order in the military leads to liberty at home. "

Read more of what former soldier and current blogger Michael Cernovich has to say about military justice and justices in the military. On Crime & Federalism.

Habla Espanol?

How to improve your chances of practicing law in Iowa, courtesy of Carolyn Elefant's

Who pays for discovery?

Careful what you wish for, warns J. Craig Williams on May It Please The Court:

Over the years, the general rule has been that the party producing discovery pays to produce it, with some flexibility depending on an array of factors. There have been some recent rulings to the contrary when it comes to electronic discovery.

Enter the Law Technology News Awards contest

The Common Scold wants you to apply if your work qualifies as:

  • IT Director of the year
  • IT Champion
  • Most innovative use of tech in law firms
  • Most innovative use of tech in legal departments
  • Most innovative use of tech at trial

Nuts! Laptops deal low blow to male fertility

The Volokh Conspiracy's Orin Kerr links a new study on the effect that holding a warm computer on your lap can have on sperm count.

What about women who work on laptops? I did some surfing of my own and am chagrined to read in The Globe and Mail that "There are no known studies of the effects of laptops on women's fertility." Hmphf.

At the watercooler

Prof. Volokh continues to bird-dog fairness in media, with this post on Slate and this post on CBS's decision to have its publicists reach out to bloggers. Extra: The blogfather opened his CBS post up for comments, so have at 'em!

Don't wait until 2005 to act on this resolution, recommends Matt Homann. You can work on the rest of his to-do list later.

More "BASEBALL!!" -- check the bottom of this post.

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