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Every once in a while, I'll compile "Tape This to Your Computer," a list of resources that I think you or someone in your law office should have in one place. It's going to be infrequent. It's going to be arbitrary. (Hello, it's a blog.) But you can improve this feature by e-mailing the blogroll or me with your ideas. Thanks. -Lisa

Everything you ever wanted to know about your attorney but were too afraid to ask

Here -- for New Yorkers only, unfortunately. Courtesy of Carolyn Elefant at Don't miss the comments.

Everything you ever wanted to know about your bar association but couldn't find time to ask

Here, as I have mentioned. Thank you, Carolyn

Not nearly every wired, FREE reference online -- just the best starter-set for attorneys (esp. I/P ones)

Courtesy of Bill Heinze of I/P Updates:

- Dictionaries: One post on legal dictionaries, plus one, two, three posts to other great sources. (And don't miss J. Craig Williams' faves, linked here.)

- Databases: One database on I/P legislation and treaties from a wide range of countries and regions, plus this international trademark opposition guide on 130 jurisdictions.

- Calendars: One on panel compositions for pending oral arguments before the federal courts of appeal.

- Surveys: One on the 50 largest patent firms and what software they use for docketing and annuities.

- Encyclopedia: Here.

Add and you're pretty much set.

Every bit of encouragement you need to think about pay scales

...for law firms

Think you can't laugh and talk about raising your rates at the same time? Wrong. Matt Homann, who knows a thing or two about pricing, recommends a (hilarious) favorite blog for advice on getting more money from clients.

Related items from The [non]billable hour:

- More on pricing legal services

- The psychology of pricing

...for court-appointed attorneys

As noted yesterday, bloggers are seriously debating pay scales for court-appointed public defenders. Mike Cernovich has posted a second public defender's perspective here: "More on indigent defense in Massachusetts."

Related items:

- What's a fair rate for court-appointed counsel?

- Crime & Federalism: Indigent defense in Massachusetts, The other side of the Massachusetts story

Every complaint about legal journalism they shoulda taught at J-school

Send this to your writer friends who didn't go to law school. Oooh -- also this, this, this and this one too. All via the good professors at The Volokh Conspiracy.

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