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Crime & Federalism guest blogger David Giacalone thinks there ought to be a better legal system for you and me. He writes:

"Our courts need major re-programming, to make them accessible, client-centered dispute resolution centers -- instead of the expensive, complicated, lawyer-centered bureaucracies they have become. Total court reform is indeed a big, complex job. But our lawmakers could give a big chunk of the civil justice system back to the people by simply increasing the dollar limits allowed in small claims courts."

Do you agree with his treatise?

Is this approach, similar to Michigan's, going to empower the individual?

See who else agrees and doesn't in the open comments. I see that Mike Cernovich agrees ("Finally -- you get something right!"), but others are worried that the lack of formal discovery could hurt the little guy -- and that subpoena duces tecum is no substitute.

Posted by Product Team on January 25, 2005 at 10:32 AM | Permalink

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