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Monica Bay scolds New York's Nassau County for prosecuting a man who told a lawyer joke outside a Hempstead courthouse.

In "Colossal Waste of Tax Dollars," Bay reminds us why average Americans are unlikely to want to see attorneys -- and puts jokes in perspective:

"Doesn't the average lawyer realize that NOBODY -- NOBODY -- wants to come see us? If you are an average American, and you have to go to your lawyer, unless you've won the lottery, it's rarely good news. It usually means a crisis, where things you care about very much -- your money, your relationships, your family, sometimes your very life and liberty -- are suddenly out of your control -- and your future rests in the hands of someone who often won't even return your phone calls in a timely fashion. Going to a lawyer for even routine matters, for the average American, is about as thrilling as -- and more expensive than -- a root canal.

(I can confirm that Bay likes lawyer jokes so much that she has a whole list of sites on her blog -- see the bottom right nav bar.)

This particular case also caught the eye of at least two other bloggers this month:

What do you think?

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