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Professor Eugene Volokh's asking readers to help him communicate to Amazon (yes, the same company that sells his book) that the ads they run for term-paper mills are unacceptable.

Volokh writes that he made the startling discovery while surfing his book (here) on Amazon this weekend:

"I checked the page for my Academic Legal Writing book, and what should I find near the bottom but:

Customers interested in this title may also be interested in:

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When one clicks on the link, one sees pointers to a list of what are pretty clearly term-paper mills (an ironic result given that my book, among other things, tries to stress the perils and impropriety of plagiarism -- though perhaps not unexpected, given that some customers who are looking for books on writing may also be looking for other, less ethical, ways of satisfying their writing obligations).

I suspect that the Amazon ad selection mechanism is fairly automated, and may be done through a third party service; if I'm right, then I won't fault Amazon for accepting the ad in the first place. But I do hope that the Amazon people can be prevailed on to stop running this ad (they are surely technically capable of rejecting those ads that they find improper)..."

More here.

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