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"Amen!" says The Common Scold, in response to Carolyn Elefant's post, "If We Can't Beat Them, Let's Compete With Them,"  in which Elefant criticizes the Illinois Bar Association for trying to shut down a legal document prep service called We The People.

With a nod to her experience with the California bar, Monica Bay writes:

"I have always been outraged about the California bar's often overzealous paranoia about "UPL" (unauthorized practice of law) -- and attacking efforts by paralegals and others to help out the underserved. (Nolo has long been a strong advocate for these types of services). Or the Texas bar establishment's attempts to run the Quicken folks outta Dodge. Of course, always under the self-righteous flag of "consumer protection."  Ohhh please. Get real. Lawyers can't AFFORD to service most of these folks. Routine uncontested divorces and minor bankruptcies don't justify an hourly rate that will generate a profit. That's the real irony. Attorneys can't charge enough to make it worth their while ..."

Do you agree with Bay and Elefant? They'd welcome your comments.

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