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Carolyn Elefant delivers a sound spanking to the Illinois Bar Association for its position against a legal document prep service called We The People. In her opinion, the Illinois Bar needs to examine the scenario from both a competitive and a client perspective and get a clue.

Here's a sample from her lengthy post, "If We Can't Beat Them, Let's Compete With Them":

"... So why are lawyers threatened?   The bars won't admit that lawyers want to preserve their own business.  Most claim instead that document prep companies do a disservice to clients with shoddy work or improper advice.  That's a significant problem.  But rather than try to shut these companies down, it's our job as attorneys to persuade clients that the value that attorneys can add to living wills and bankruptcy petitions and uncontested divorces justify the added cost.   Moreover, client welfare can be preserved through less onerous means such as education or consumer protection claims.  Clients who believe that their cases were mishandled have sued We The People and the FTC has fined the company for deceptive advertising practices.  Those efforts should be sufficient to protect clients from the inadequacies of document prep services ..."

Read the whole thing and comment here.

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