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Are you in touch with your inner Laurence Tribe?

The Volokh Conspiracy's Orin Kerr seeks former Supreme Court law clerks who have (or will) go on the record about their own contribution to witnessing Supreme decision-making. Here's a teaser to Kerr's outtake of Tribe on his role in defining the Fourth Amendment via Katz v. United States:

"I'm proud to say that, as a 26-year-old kid, I had at least a little bit to do with changing that number from four to seven -- and with the argument, formally adopted by a seven-Justice majority in December 1967, that the Fourth Amendment "protects people, not places." (389 U.S. at 351.) In that decision, Katz v. United States, the Supreme Court finally repudiated Olmstead and the many decisions that had relied upon it and reasoned that, given the role of electronic telecommunications in modern life, the First Amendment purposes of protecting free speech as well as the Fourth Amendment purposes of protecting privacy require treating as a "search" any invasion of a person's confidential telephone communications, with or without physical trespass ..."

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