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More from blogs - March 29

Randy Barnett: "Grading Justice Kennedy: My short essay (7 pages) "Grading Justice Kennedy: A Reply to Professor Carpenter" forthcoming in the Minnesota Law Review is now available for downloading ..."

Juan Non-Volokh: "Title IX Protects Whistleblowers: Today's Supreme Court opinion in Jackson v. Birmingham Board of Education holds, 5-4, that Title IX protects whistleblowers who accuse their universities of ..."

Orin Kerr: "New U.S. News Law School Ranking: While the U.S. News rankings shouldn't matter as much as they do, it's newsworthy that the new law school rankings reportedly are out ..."

J. Craig Williams: "Megamonolithic Law Merger Mania: News on the Street. It's another big merger. ... It's a new law firm. Pillsbury Winthrop, formerly known as PMS, is merging with Shaw Pittman. 900+ lawyers ..."

Monica Bay: "Mistakes We Make: In the latest issue of Small Firm Business, we posed a question to some of our technology experts: "What's the biggest mistake that small firms make when using trial technology?"

Bob Ambrogi: "Shouldn't it be 'Among Lawyers'? Five legal bloggers known for their insights into legal technology have launched a group blog devoted to discussions of that very topic, which they call Between Lawyers ..."

Bill Heinze: "A Primer on Open-Source Software for Businesspeople and Lawyers"

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