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Clifford Chance, this long-running soap opera must end

When it comes to Clifford Chance, blogger Bruce MacEwen's patience is at an end. In an open letter to Peter Cornell, the British barrister recruited to right this damaged ship, MacEwen gets right to "the core of what got Clifford Chance in this toxic state":

The trouble with Clifford Chance's record, in his opinion, is as follows:

"Confronting the fundamental lockstep/eat-what-you-kill disparity with obfuscation, temporizing, and pretending to look the other way rather than with a cool assessment of their strategic objectives in coming to the States and what techniques are best suited to achieving those goals. That five years have gone by is, well, too bad, but Cornell has made nothing if not a statement by relocating to New York and I believe he can seize the moment ..."

Find out how here.

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