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Decloaking devices: Legal (blogger) aid for big-law associates

In "A New Low in the Sandbox," Monica Bay says legal bloggers are coming to the aid of big-law associates whose firms are hiding their talents from would-be poachers.

This meme began last week, when Bruce MacEwen riffed on a National Law Journal story that big law is whitewashing firm Web sites to remove bait for recruiters. In his post, MacEwen urged a reality check for recruiters and managers alike. Carolyn Elefant agreed.

Over the weekend, the story caught fire. Now Bay reports that some bloggers are rising to the occasion with de-cloaking devices--such as Kevin Heller, who has devoted a portion of his Web site to the cause. He writes:

"If you want to make yourself 'available for hire' then please submit your information to me and I will post it on the Legal Jobs Blog under the title: Available: ....

"If you simply want to have your contact information and biographical information listed then you can submit that and I will create a new directory entitled Decloaked Associates..."

For more links, see The Common Scold. She spells out the blogosphere's reaction in terms that no big-law recruiter could fail to understand:

"This is the stupidest move I've heard in a very long time. WHEN are law firm partners going to understand that you don't gain loyalty, commitment, and a sense of participation by treating people like second-class citizens. Can you say "caste system?"  Oh please. As several of my colleagues have observed, no wonder some top bloggers insist on remaining anonymous." More here.

What's your two cents?

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