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Media under the blogoscope in NOLA

Eugene Volokh writes that he has a column in today's Times Picayune called "Fresh Produce in the Marketplace of Ideas." As I sit here, listening to a broad spectrum of media folks debate the future of journalism, I am particularly compelled by Volokh's comments.

Here's a taster:

"Web logs are the hot new medium. These Web sites, unedited, opinionated and often written by amateurs, sometimes attract hundreds of thousands of readers. To some observers, blogs are valuable contributors to the marketplace of ideas. To others, they are -- in one professional journalist's words -- a "lynch mob" composed of "salivating morons."

"Last month, blogs helped bring about the resignation of Eason Jordan, the former CNN chief news executive. Last year, they led the way in exposing the likely forgeries in the "60 Minutes" report about President Bush's National Guard record. In 2002, they led the criticism of then-Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott for his pro-segregationist comments. Blogs are getting big; is that good? I think it is, and let me explain why ..."

I recommend you read the whole thing at, where registration is free and quick.

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