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More from blogs -- March 30

Rees Morrison: "Weed-whacking litigation costs: Arbitration clauses, staffing and digesting transcripts: Vincent DiCarlo posted a short piece entitled "how to reduce the high cost of litigation" ... All the advice mows down the weeds of excess litigation costs, but a few seemed especially cutting edge ..."

Mike Cernovich: "Crime & federalism wins in the circuits: In United States v. Lopez, 514 U.S. 549 (1995) the court, for the first time since 1937, struck down a law because it exceeded the scope of Congress' commerce power ..."

Bob Ambrogi: "A blog on torts from a Tennessee trial lawyer: John Day, a Tennessee personal injury lawyer, has launched a blog focused on torts: Day on Torts. A partner with Branham & Day in Nashville, Day describes himself as ..."

J. Craig Williams: "I knew you were going to read this, but then you already told me, didn't you? You see, MIPTC has that supersecret tracking software. Every time you click, we track. Even when you search. ;-) ..."

Bill Heinze: "Who owns stem cells? The patent landscape for both adult and embryonic stem cells is very crowded, with hundreds of issued patents having claims to methods of isolating stem cells ..."

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