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Ripple effects of India's patents bill

Now that India, the world's fourth-largest manufacturer of generic drugs, is poised to make it a crime to copy patented drugs, neighboring countries such as Bangladesh with no such restrictions are lining up to capitalize on world demand for cheap meds, Bill Heinze reports.

It's not just drugs -- mobile phones, computers and other patents are included in India's Patents Bill 2005, as Heinze explained in this post last week. Heinze's post includes links to the Asia Times, describes the voting coalition and lays out arguments by and for developed and developing countries alike.

Heinze's evenhanded approach creates a great case study of the ethical and market issues in conflict. Here's a snapshot:

"... International aid groups have strongly criticized the legislation as being harmful to developing countries, which depend on inexpensive generic drugs imported from India. But the government has said that patent recognition is an essential precondition for India's drug industry to further its own drug research and development and attract foreign partners ..."

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