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Verdict in on "stupid" jury remarks

Bloggers Eugene Volokh and Norm Pattis, wildly divergent in writing style, are today united in their message to Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley: Shaddup.

"My fair city's own district attorney, Steve Cooley, who is quoted as saying that the jurors in the Robert Blake trial were "incredibly stupid," writes Volokh. "Yup, that will make voters feel really good about you: When you lose your case, you publicly blame citizens like them. Doesn't show a great ability to understand how your audience is going to react to your words, it seems to me. And, curiously, an ability to speak carefully and in a way that doesn't alienate your audience is a pretty important skill for a lawyer ..."

Pattis writes:

"I have lost my share of trials, even high-stakes trials attended by the media. It hurts. You sometimes wonder what the jury was thinking, and then the doubt turns inward, and you start gnawing your own innards: How could I have failed in such a case? But one thing I have never done is call a jury "incredibly stupid" ... Wish I were practicing in L.A. It looks as though there is plenty of stupidity present in the county. As I see it, a good share of it is sitting in the District Attorney's office. " More here.

What do you think? Should Cooley be sanctioned?

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