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Volokh: Contrarian on painful capital punishment

Updated with two additional posts, below.

In the days since the Iraq government's bloody punishment and execution of a serial murderer known as the "vampire of the desert," Eugene Volokh has entered into a lengthy blogversation with other bloggers and readers about the merits of capital punishment, even painful capital punishment and retribution.

Whether you support or oppose this practice, I think you'll find valuable ruminations within. Here are the links -- begin at the bottom:

  1. Retribution
  2. Mark Kleiman's Extremely Sensible Post Has Persuaded Me
  3. Deliberately Painful Executions and the Slippery Slopes
  4. For Some Catholic Responses to My Posts
  5. Arguments Against the Death Penalty
  6. And Then There Are These Arguments
  7. Punishing Monsters
  8. Something the Iranian Government and I Agree on

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